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personal. >> one mistake that people like to point out is the mistakes surrounding baseball tickets and the city council. i've not only acknowledged that mistake but we've corrected it and we'll make sure it doesn't happen again. i think it goes towards making sure we understand that we have to be more inclusive and bring people in to the fold. >> reporter: the mayor has said everybody makes mistakes. what mistakes have you made as chairman of city council or serving on council? >> well, actually, i am very proud of the record that we have with the council. i have searched myself to see if there's more that i could have done to work with the mayor. i believe we have reached out as effectively as we possibly can. >> reporter: the mayor defended crime fighting strategies like all hands on deck and the trinidad checkpoints that have been ruled illegal or unconstitutional but laid them at the feet of kathy lenear.
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>> they are her crime fighting strategies. >> i find it amazing that the chief executive takes credit for those things that have gone well and places the blame on those who work for him. the reality is that whatever crime fighting strategies or exercised in the district of columbia are the responsibility of the mayor. >> reporter: in the final question each candidate was asked how they envision the city over the next four years if their opponent were to win. >> i think we will continue to have the kind of ethical issues that we've seen thus far. my opponent loves to stand there and say it's not $82 million in contracts involved when in fact it is. >> where i have a problem with him is on his management experience. his record will show that his chief management experience is four years he served as the director of human services. i've pointed out the failings of him to balance the budget.
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>> reporter: gray complained with fenty refusal to work closely with the council while the mayor argued he was a phone call away. mayor fenty did call vincent gray a decent person. the biggest divide is the issue of the parks and recreation contracts and whether they were legal, ethical, or just a backroom deal given to the mayor's friends. >> paul wagner in the newsroom. the candidates covered a wide range of topics. you can watch the debate and leave your comments on, click on fenty grey debate in the hot topics bar. newly released 911 calls detailed the minutes after gunman james lee seized hostages inside the discovery channel headquarters. witnesses, including one woman who barely escaped being a hostage herself, called 911. >> montgomery county, 911, what is the emergency. >> there is a man with a gun at
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one discovery place. >> he's in the lobby in discovery communications. and he's got a gun, going through the front desk, he has people on the floor. >> i was standing outside and somebody told me not to go in there because there was somebody with a gun. i could see the gun and i left. >> reporter: police shot and killed lee just before 5:00 wednesday. the three hostages were not hurt. . massachusetts telling earl to go away! the category 1 hurricane now weakening but still packing winds about 80 miles an hour. storm is expected to make landfall between massachusetts and maine. we want to begin with an update on the storm's path. meteorologist gary mcgrady here with that. >> the path is still expected to stay off-shore and the heaviest winds will stay off-shore and not really be affecting
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nantucket or cape cod or those places through new england. that's good. we see the current conditions right now. the current statistics for hurricane earl, winds still at 80 miles per hour. movement has increased. the speed to 22 miles an hour. that is important. and the pressure has come up a little bit which means that storm continues to weaken. about 170 miles off-shore of ocean city continuing to move to the northeast. you can see, it doesn't look much like a hurricane any more. it has weakened quite a bit but it still has a broad wind path and it will continue to buffet the coast for the next several hours but expecting to weaken to tropical storm strength as it passes through nantucket and up there through new england. that's good news with hurricane earl. >> in ocean city tonight we're talking rip tides. seriously dangerous rip tides. bigger waves than we're used to seeing out there. this is right about the time on
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the outskirts of when forecasters said earl would be pushing off, it's taking a jog to the right there. let's go to will thomas, standing by live in ocean city to tell us what he's seen. >> reporter: the winds are still kicking up, nothing like what we saw this morning. although one of the life guards just told me he's saying some waves that are measuring 10 feet or more. sun starting to pop out, so that means tourists are coming out on to the board walk and the beach and have fun. but life guards busy today. the access to water was off-limits. so as the storm surge moved up the sand, covered the sand, life guards were instructed to keep everyone often the sand until the water receded. the threat of rip currents still a significant danger. the board walk filled with people looking at the rough surfs. some did it from their balconies. it became the big tourist attraction of the day. a little wind and chop, not enough to keep tourists in doors for long.
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don't walk out on to the sand when the water surges. >> we don't want anybody walking on the sand and then out of nowhere we have a big set come through and it pulls them out because there's nowhere really for them to go. >> everybody is on the board walk enjoying and having a good time. >> sticking around for the weekend? . we'll be here all weekend, hopefully. >> reporter: it is certainly nice to see tourists having fun even on a beach washout day like today was. surfers trying to catch some of the big waves and not doing a good job of it. a lot of them just breaking right on to the shore which doesn't make for good surfing. the big story and brian mentioned this and i'm going to do the same: rip currents, even to the weekend. the weather is supposed to be awesome but the currents will stick around. we have not received word as to whether or not you will will be allowed into the water. we don't know yet? but a decision will be made tomorrow and the rule of thumb is this: if you are going into the water, do so near a life
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guard, a life guard stand, because this water on any day can be tricky and especially the remnants from hurricane earl making these rip currents more prevalent. good news for businesses, 250,000 people expected for the weekend so not a total washout for the economy here, brian. >> can't forget they were just this past saturday there were 250 rescues out on the beach and that was from what was before earl so you can obviously get a sense of how dangerous the currents are out there. still ahead here on the edge, earl forced a couple to change their course. >> some people take months, even years, to plan a wedding, but it turns out you can do the whole thing on one five-hour car ride. at least if a hurricane comes knocking. the unemployment rates rose again last month. how the president is trying to put a positive spin on the new job numbers. . we have done everything that we could possibly do.
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. >> and the painful pause that.arizona haye governor in the awkward moment hall of fame. we're back. 
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. remember that recovery summer the white house is promising in june? the good news is summer is almost over, but unemployment rose again last month. another sign that stubborn recession is still dragging on but today the president tried to put a positive spin on it and there may be a reason to be optimistic. >> reporter: economists are calling this weak growth. on the plus side there were new jobs added, the majority came not from the federal government but from private businesses. but the fact remains with employment ticking upward the economy seems to be running in place. a white house that promised a recovery summer appeared to turn the calendar friday to an autumn
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of reassurance. >> i want all americans to remind themselves there are better days ahead. >> reporter: unemployment rose shyattly last month to 9.6%, fueled in part by more people resuming searching for jobs. but the new data also shows the private sector created 67,000 new jobs last month. the 8th straight month of growth in that market. >> that's positive news. and it reflects the steps we've already taken to break the back of this recession. but it's not nearly good enough. >> reporter: in standing with the economic team that republican leaders have called for to be fired, the president is facing growing claims from his critics that when it comes to jobs, out of work americans have not seen enough of the benefit of the billions spent toward federal spending and bailout. >> we're heading into a stagnant people in which there's no wage growth, no job growth, no economic growth of much. >> they don't want another pep
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talk they want another approach. they want to see this administration abandon this policy of more spending and bailouts. >> reporter: but the president shot back promising a new batch of economic packages next week. >> this piece of legislation is good for workers, small business people, and our economy. and yet the republicans in the senate have blocked this bill. >> reporter: from a political standpoint the calendar is a problem for both the president and congressional democrats. term elections are only two months away and clearly the administration hoped to sent democrats into that election with better news on the job front. the governor of arizona has plenty to say now about a long moment of silence during a debate. she lost her train of thought and things got awkward.
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>> we have done everything that we could possibly do ... . >> that was only seven seconds. it lasted 16. she calls it the 16 longest seconds of her life. she was pressed to show proof that illegal immigrants committed beheadings. she got quiet turned around and walked away. there was a message that there was an evacuation. >> how hurricane earl almost ruined a year's worth of wedding planning for a couple. things apparently are getting serious between l.a. ink cat monday and jesse james. jesse is only her ninth boyfriend and james recently
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finalized his divorce from bullock after admitting to cheating on her. d 
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. after spending an entire year of planning, a maryland's couple's beach wepding seemed to be swept away by hurricane earl that. is not the case. they've regrouped and in fact their wedding is happening right now. beth parker shows us what some love and determination can do. >> reporter: kenny atwall and jeanine planned their dream wedding on the outer banks. they rented four houses, earl was following just behind them. >> when they called our house at 8:00 on the morning on wednesday and there was a message saying we had to get out. >> reporter: so they moved to another part of the outer banks, but they were forced to evacuate again and this time they headed
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home to charles county. however, they made good use of the time. >> so we were in the car on the way home from north carolina, 5.5 hours, planning the entire wedding. >> we called it the blackberry wedding because it all went down on the blackberry. >> reporter: they had to pull a lot of strings but they found a church, a bakery, and a place for the reception in one day. >> we got a call in the afternoon and it was an emergency situation. >> a cake emergency. >> cake emergency. >> reporter: debra taylor at charles street bakery don't know kenny and jeanine personally. >> i felt sorry for the bride. i figured she was going crazy. >> reporter: at the salon around the corner her hairdresser was happy to help, too. a judge even waved her 48 hour waiting period to give them a last-minute marriage license. >> i think it really shows how many people really love and care about you when people come together to try to make some
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things really special happen for i. if we can make it through this, we can make it through everything. we've weathered the storm. >> in ten years on the anniversary i want to do the wedding down there again. >> reporter: they'll have to keep an eye on the forecast for september 2020. in charles county, beth parker, fox 5 news. great story. good for them. hurricane earl sort of moving on doing its thing and maybe we with talk about what's going on here because our holiday weekend is jam packed, there's a lot of plains plans. >> everything we want to do this weekend is going to be great. it's like there's not been a hurricane just off-shore. and i even sneaked a peek out at ocean city and they're getting sunshine out there and we're not getting sunshine here in town. so kind of a one-day wonder as earl passes by. looks like it is moving by about
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175 miles off-shore. from the maryland and the delaware beaches, and that's kept the highest wind off. and we were talking yesterday, the tropical storm force winds surrounding earl were out about 200 miles per hour, give or take, in all directions. but we know that some of the tropical storm force winds did touch the beaches and down into north carolina the outer banks had wind gusts in excess of hurricane force, 73 to 76 miles per hour down there. could have been a couple more little higher than that just didn't happen to see. but here is earl now and again, about 175 miles off-shore. he's weakening. winds now are down to about 80 miles per hour in the banding of clouds that we've had have been breaking up. so those high cirrus clouds are breaking up and we're getting sunshine out there this evening. earl is weakening, continues to do so.
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probably in the next advisory tonight, the next official advisory tonight at 11:00, maybe downgraded to a tropical storm, and that would be good news for those folks here off cape cod and nantucket but it looks like he'll stay far enough off-shore that the winds there, the highest winds, the real high tropical storm force winds, should stay just off-shore. so they'll get a pounding from the surf and 2 to 3 maybe 4 inches of rain but don't have to worry about damage from the wind. this was the hurricane working right at the east coast today. we had a little bit of rain shower activity for the bay and then some pretty good rain along the cost where they picked up about half an inch to an inch in some places and some localized areas, more than an inch. we have to watch out back to the west and northwest because there's a cold front on the way. may try and bringing us a shower late this afternoon but it looks like most of that will stay north and south and a lot of it will dissipate back out to the
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west. temperature right now, 90 degrees. look back to the northwest, though. this is our air mass source region for the weekend, and it looks like it's going to be cooler and drier. the flood comes through tonight. of course earl goes ahead and moves on off to the north and to the east and behind the front, the cooler and drier air comes through. tomorrow, a mix of clouds and sun for the afternoon. breezy, too, with the winds out there 15 to 25 miles per hour. and in terms of what we's going to see for the -- what we're going to see for the holiday weekend, a touch of fall in the air. 80 tomorrow, 81 on sunday, and labor day, 85 degrees. >> and 40s sunday morning out in the suburbs. >> feels like we're turning the corner. >> we will. >> and 90s back in there. >> exactly right. >> thanks, gary. coming up in sports, the suspension for a nats player who ignited a bench clearly brawl.
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and from a face brawl to a fight at the u.s. open. the woman on the right got into an argument with the guy in the grey shirt after he tossed the f bomb around a few too many times. the guy in the baseball cap steps in and that's when the fight is on. security eventually stepped in to restore order in the stands.
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no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right.
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. good evening from fairfax high school. aim lindy murphy. tonight's game of the week pits fairfax against wt woodson. it kicks off in a little over an hour. the redskins must trim their roster from 735 players down to 53 players by tomorrow as they get ready for their season opener on sunday. but first, back to last night's game. the skins visiting the cardinals in their preseason finale. this is banks, he had a punt return for a touchdown against the bills in the first preseason
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game and last night he returns this first quarter kick-off 40 yards. his status in question. willie parker breaks off a 13-yard run. he would finish with 7 carries for 35 yards. to the fourth quarter another widout trying to make the team, austin. he gets his first touchdown of the preseason. austin five catches for 94 yards and a score in his most impressive presence to date. what is the most important part of this game for you, coach? >> we had a chance to evaluate a lot of people today and that's what we wanted to do. we had some of our younger guys go against some of their first teamers and a chance to evaluate more players and that was our goal going in. >> haynes worth started right
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defensive end most of the night. he finished with four tackles. he participated in 49 of 55 redskins defensive plays. for mike shanahan the more reps the better conditioned albert will be. >> got to get him some playing time so he can get back in football shape and i have to take a look at the film to tell you how he played but that's one of the reason he played defensive end and nose tackle position. we have to get him as good as possible be. he needs to practice and plea to get back in shape. >> remember this from wednesday night? morgan charging at marlins pitcher volstad setting off a benches clearing brawl. punishment was handed down by the ml b. morgan suspended. in all, nine players and coaches were punished. nationals management jim wriggleman will begin his two
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game suspension tonight. pat list ac was suspended three games. fairfax took the field a couple of minutes ago. we'll have highlights and post game reaction tonight at 10:00. brian, back to you. >> thank you. all anybody is talking about is the weather for the weekend, gary. >> also nice. temperatures in the upper 70s to the lower 80s. both days and labor day, both days, 75. >> night of the news edge. we're back here at 10. hope you have a fantastic evening and come back and join us then. see you.
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